Apr. 19th, 2013

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[The face over the screen is narrow, and the central focus is a beaky nose, but that could just be a fish-eye effect from the small screen. Possibly.

He's wearing a bemused smile, though, blue eyes friendly.

Still getting my bearings around this place, but I thought it might be appropriate to throw out a hello.

[The other hand rises to doff the beat-up tweed cap he wears, giving a brief flash of a high forehead.]

Markus Rathbone, but my friends call me Rat. I hope I'll find a few friends, here. I'll try to keep out of the way.

[He gives a sheepish grin as he says this, then prods at something below the screen uncertainly, possibly trying to shut it off. Then the view from the communicator screen, still attached to his wrist, rolls and whirls nauseatingly until it shows a view out toward the water, from the city's edge. It's not a steady view, still shaking and bobbing a little, but that's in time to the sound of chords being played on an acoustic guitar. It's probably easier to just not watch, only listen. He's pretty good, after all, and after a short intro his baritone voice carries over the communicator again, along with the guitar.]

This is a mean old world, baby, to live in by yourself.

This is a mean old world to live in by your self.

When you can't get the woman you love, you know she's loving someone else.

Well, I drink to keep from worrying and I smile to keep from crying.

I drink to keep from worrying, baby, I smile to keep from crying.

That's to keep the public from knowing just what I have on my mind.


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